Our 2014 Christmas Gift Guide



Deck the halls with Ra Ra Superstar,

Fa la la la la, la la la laaaa! 

Looking for a fantastic gift for someone in your life? Whether you're just after a secret santa present, or something beautiful and unique that you can't find anywhere else, we've got you covered. 





1. Pink and Red Polkadot Scrunchies - Shop in-store | 2. Tie-Dye Top - Shop a variety of styles in-store | 3. Odd Pears Spotty Socks - Shop HERE or in-store | 4. Dinosaurs for Tea Fawn Earrings - Shop in-store or shop other styles HERE | 5. Sunglasses - Shop all styles in-store or some styles online HERE | 6. Floral sets - New! Shop in-store | 7. Denim Bucket Hat - Shop in-store | 8. Notebooks, variety of sizes and styles - Shop in-store | 9. Dinosaurs for Tea Phone Cases - Shop in-store | 10. Vintage Bear Pillowcase - Shop various styles in-store | 11. Vintage crossover bag - Shop in-store | 12. Little Zig Zag Table - Shop in-store | 13. Vintage Chair - Shop in-store | 14. Vintage Porcelain Cat - Shop in-store. 


We hope you superstars are loving our gift guide! Every nook and cranny of our store is filled with gorgeous treasures, just waiting to be taken home for Christmas - so come and visit us now at 284 Given Terrace, Paddington! Not only will we take care of all your Christmas shopping needs, at Ra Ra there's always time for some fun vintage dress-ups!

We hope you're enjoying the holiday season so far, and we hope to see you soon!


Big love, 
Ra Ra xx

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