Q & A with our fab stylist assistant Georgia Starky

We love including our fun & fashion savvy customers in ra ra activities, so when time came to shoot our latest lookbook for the A/W 2012 "Happy Days" Collection, who better to ask for help than you guys. Submissions came flooding in... we wished everyone could come to the shoot. But one person stood out  for her cute and funny poem.  Her name is Georgia Starky and she was a great help to us on shoot day.. Here is a bit about Miss Georgia the winner of our "Stylist for a Day" competion. Check out the behind the scenes pics here, if you haven't already.. Thanks Georgia!!

Tell us a bit about yourself, where you live, what you like to do?

My name is Georgia and I am sixteen years old. I live in Corinda and I love op shopping, anything vintage and sewing.

What do you dream of doing when you are all grown up?

I think it would be amazing to work for a magazine like Frankie or Yen because I love their interesting articles and fashion ideas and there would be so many different things to try out.

What made you apply for our "stylist" competition?

I love Ra Ra Superstar's clothes and I thought it would be such a fun and amazing experience, which it was!

What was the best thing about being a stylist for a day?

It was great to see how things really work at a shoot and it was just so much fun to be a part of it all

Has working behind the scenes on a shoot changed your view on fashion and the images you see in magazines?
It didn't really change my view, but I now really appreciate all the work that goes into every photo in a magazine

How would you describe the fashion scene at you school? What's the latest trends that everyone is trying out?

It varies a lot which you can really see on free dress days - I think it is great that there are so many different personal styles and different tastes

Describe you personal style in three words...

floral, chic and retro

If you could teleport back to any era for 24 hours which would it be and why?

The 1950's because I love the swimsuits and the cocktail dresses from that era.

Any blogs website we should know about that you absolutely love right now?

I love Esme and The Laneway and also trendi
Is there a fashion item in your closet you just can't live without? How do you like to wear it.

I recently bought a mustard coloured cape jacket which I am so excited to wear in winter with boots and a skirt.

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