The Pop-Up Shop Phenomenon


Imagine having a shop in your local hood which rotates from art to vintage, local designer wares, furniture & specialty items on a regular basis. Walking down the street only to find last weeks love affair has been replaced by a new face and a new label.

The pop up shop is a new concept that is on the rise, helping fight consumer boredom while giving designers the chance to showcase & market their label to a new audience.

Embarking on our third week at Ra Ra Superstar’s new dig at blank space gallery, it’s been great meeting locals who are constantly surprised by the ever changing facade of the space on Crown Street.
But having such a store close by is a bittersweet affair, one could easily fall in love then get their poor heart broken by the news that the store is only short term.

I was rather familiar with the concept while at home in Brisbane, but I had never really been ‘pop shopping’...well I saw one once, you know those dreadful christmas stores that open in August, and your like seriously, it’s August!

Coming into Sydney it’s obvious pop up shop mania is taking over, spotting a few in the first day. God everyone is doing it, even ebay, who just announced their london based pop up store in early December. It's obvious that this bandwagon is on it’s way to Brisbane and we will see an influx over the next year. But before you act like your over it, I say embrace it! It’s fast cleaver retail, keeping the consumer (yes, you) engaged and excited.

here are some of our favorite pop up stores (other then our own):


top left: "where the wild things are" popped up in hollywood before the film's premier
top right: the generic man concept store within Urban Outfitters
bottom left: love love love this arnsdorf store
bottom right: the kate spade igloo opened up in New York for three weeks, giving customers free hot chocolate to keep warm.

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