Undress Brisbane - Interview with Hannah Gasman

We were lucky enough to have Hannah Gasman come visit us at the shop, Hannah is a local uni student and the “the goody two shoes goody bag organiser” for the upcoming “Undress Brisbane” fashion extravaganza on Saturday night.
While she tried on a pile of dresses, I asked her a few questions about the event.

So what is Undress Brisbane, and how did it start?

Edda, my friend did a fashion show last years called “frock it”, this year her growing interest in sustainable fashion changed the direction to focus on the more sustainable culture of Brisbane.
The focus is on the garment lifecycle. Through giving new life to pre-loved garments and examining the practices of our favourite labels, the Brisbane fashion community can set new standards for sustainability in the fashion industry.

So event itself mixes fashion, furniture & film to help create awareness about this ever important issue. There will be 3 fashion shows, cardboard seating, cocktail bar and photographers all on top of the china town carpark.

Wow sounds so cultured! How did you get to be apart of such a great event?

Well, I’m lucky enough to be very good friends with Kristen who runs the marketing and PR, when they called for volunteers to help I very eagerly put my hand up.

Sounds like you got some good friends. What do you think about the sustainable fashion movement?

Its definitely growing. I think its because people, including myself are becoming more aware of how and where things are made. Consumers are starting to ask question and make smarter choices.

So it’s not just a trend?

No it's much more, it’s a rising market that is growing strongly, they say within 5-10 years a big chunk of the market will be selling sustainable products.

We sure hope so, any tips to our readers how to be more sustainable while dressing ourselves?

Shop at Ra Ra!!

oh you shouldnt have! Thanks so much Hannah for chatting to us today.

Our latest summer collection will be walking the runway, and team Ra Ra will be showing their support to an amazing local event...while maybe sipping a few cocktails. You should come along too, it’s free if you register before Saturday, so there is no excuse! So we shall see you all there .

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