one year on....


I hate to sound like my mother, but geez how time flies, it's hard to believe that just one year ago the doors to Ra Ra HQ opened in Paddington.

Moving on from market stalls Ra Ra needed a permanent set up, you know somewhere the mannequins could call home. It was perfect timing as we moved into the shop, the rain moved into Brisbane. It was a very wet start to the shop's life, fond memories chasing flying umbrellas down the laneway, rescuing mannequins from drowning, but it was all better then setting up markets in the rain!

Then it all ended with the flood, thank you mother nature... We were okay but our storeroom in Auchenflower had seen better days. I still haven't cleaned my docs after spending days cleaning & wondering how water can manage to weasel he's way into anything, dam you water....

Lucky he got the memo & the weather started to heat up & our air con chugged it's little heart out through a balmy start to the year. At this point we were busy working on the winter collection, the first collection designed while running a store. Sounds hard, well I can tell you now, it is. Our newly found time management skills came in handy with this summers "weekend by the sea" collection.

Another funny moment I remembered the other day...and by remembering I mean googling myself...& by funny I mean embarrassing, was when our mannequin got stolen. I wrote to the Westside news asking them to publish a story to help us find the culprit, they instantly agreed. I was all for it until the reporter came & insisted I stand with the mannequin in the photo. There I was standing on a busy Paddington intersection...with a mannequin...searching for a's at this moment i realised just how uncool I am.

Through the past year we have been all around the country doing markets such as Finders Keepers, Love Vintage, Splendour, Village Markets & many more, spreading the Ra Ra love. Splendour was defiantly a highlight for me, it was hard no doubt, but Kathy & I had a grand ol time when the sun went down...but not so much when it come up in the morning...

So one year on, the year of learning, chasing umbrellas & controlling our mannequins. It's been all worthwhile simply because of our wonderful customers, no we are not just saying that, seriously you guys are wonderful. That many times one of you has made our day by just coming in and sharing one of your hilarious stories is what keeps us motivated to keep on going.

So for that we thank you, and cheers to another eventful year at Ra Ra xx

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