Sometimes I think all the fun was in the 70’s. Especially when I interview people like Toni. What a stunner! What style! What the hell am I doing in the 21st century?

Take me back to the 1970’s please.

The lovely Toni walked into RaRa a month or two ago looking for something to wear to a 70’s party in Far North Queensland. Luckily, we managed to talk her into an interview and Voila! Instant passport to photos of the trendiest clothes the 70’s had to offer an Australian girl.

Let’s be honest, if you had legs like Toni did when she was 18, it would be a crime not to wear hot pants. The first thing Toni showed me over a cup of tea on her verandah was a photo album of her engagement party. Hello shiny snakeskin hot pants! Apparently no one found this rather inappropriate attire for such an occasion, which is even more strange when you consider what Toni wore on her wedding day – a neck to ankle number that revealed nothing but her hands and face. Still, she did look rather lovely.

I really like that her headpiece was hand crocheted by her sister-in-law and that she made the parasols for her bridesmaids herself.  Toni also revealed that most of the clothes she owned she either made or designed. If she didn’t sew them, she took the material to a local dress maker to have made. I would love to be able to do that!


Thank you to Toni for providing us with such inspiration for this month. I am now going to break out the sewing machine, lose 10 kilos, and rock a halterneck pantsuit that I made myself, at work. Then again, maybe I’ll just learn how to crochet instead…

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