Jessica is Pretty in Pink

Good afternoon fellow sale-lovers!

I absolute LOVE sale time. It’s the best excuse to get out, flash my magic plastic and pick up some killer items without killing my bank balance in the process. I imagine that much of you are just the same so I hope you all took advantage of Ra Ra’s ‘Pretty in Pink Garage Sale’ yesterday and picked up some great steals (I certainly did)!

We had many great pink outfits grace the store, with the eclectic Jessica Darnell taking the cake as our Best Dressed and winning a whole bag of clothes for free! While sorting through her pile of goodies, we managed to ask Jessica a few questions to see who our loyal Ra Ra customers are and what they get up to..

So tell us a little bit about yourself..
I’m a creative writing student at QUT and I work in hospitality as a waitress in Paddington and New Farm.

What have you got planned for today?
Well, I saw the sale on Facebook just this morning so I thought I’d come down and have a look. I come to Paddington quite often and would love to look around a bit more but I’ve actually got work later on this afternoon!

Describe your personal style in three words..
Eclectic, retro and excitable.

What do you love about Ra Ra?
I love that the style is quite eclectic – there’s a wide range of items from retro to modern and I love to mix it up. I shop in boutiques too and I often combine my styles. I like wearing something old with something new to create my own look.

Where in the world would you love to live and why?
I've been to Europe and absolutely loved Venice. It’s totally unreal and there’s nothing like it – a city on water! But I’d really love to live in Japan one day. I love their fashion - it’s so individual and different!

How do you feel right now!?
I’m pretty happy! I thought I’d have to make some tough decisions about what I could keep and what I had to leave at this sale but now that I’ve won a free bag I can take it all!

Stand outs from her outfit were the flower headband she picked up from the West End Twilight Market, her pink vintage sling backs and her brooch from the South Bank Young Designer Markets!

Thank you Jessica for chatting to us and we hope you enjoy your goodies!!

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