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Meet Laura Sammon. She loves us and we love her. Laura was the lucky winner of a $200 voucher which she won by voting for us to win the Suncorp Grant! Unfortunately, we were not so lucky as we didn't win but Laura made our day by coming in on Saturday to spend her 200 gold coins at our Pretty in Pink Garage Sale. Decked out in a check collar from Mombasa and cute brougues, here’s what she had to tell us..

Hi Laura. We know you as Laura but what about everyone else?                                            My name is Laura Anne but my family generally refer to me as Possum (either an endearing nickname or because I mess up the kitchen in my forage for food).

Tell us a bit about yourself.                                                                                                          I'm a year 12 student and I am currently unemployed, a burden on society and my parents pocket. I love reading, scouring through op-shops for junk I don't really need, quirky, vintage inspired clothes and weird, mismatched hats, shoes, bags and accessories, finally buying a dress I have been saving up for, adding random activities to my bucket list (learn a African tribe dialect) and harassing animals to love me. I also really love tea. Tea deserves its own few sentences really because it is probably my main form of sustenance. I constantly have a graveyard of tea cups left on my desk. Like the Romans left the corpses of slaves along the road to Rome as a sign of power, my Tea Cup Graveyard symbolizes the power that tea has over my life.

On a different note I hate when cats are mean and will not let me pet them, disappointment and Michael Bay movies. My favourite shops/brands are: Ra Ra (obviously), Mombasa, Yellowcake, Op-shops, Princess Polly, General Pants and Box Vintage.

So what are you doing today?                                                                                               Today my friend Courtney and I are going on a bit of a shopping rampage; after a term of wearing our school uniform everyday we feel the need for a wardrobe overhaul. We are hitting up all the vintage shops in Paddington, stopping for delicious red velvet cupcakes at the antique center, and then catching a few buses to West End for some more shopping and eating.

How do you feel about pink?                                                                                                    For me, pink is the color for everything fun and beautiful; strawberry ice cream and cupcakes, bright pink lipstick, my pink sunnies and converse, pink sunsets, and my friend Lily's ballet tutu in mid-pirouette.

Describe your style in 3 words.                                                                                             Quirky, Vintage, Hobo.

Here she is wearing two of her free Ra Ra goodies - 'The Sixth Sense' high waisted sailor short and the striped pussy bow blouse!  What a lucky duck!

What do you love about Ra Ra?                                                                                                    I love the quirky individuality of the vintage inspired clothing and how well Ra Ra produces its stock. One of my pet fashion hates is how so many stores sell poorly made, mass produced stock that everyone seems to be wearing. I try to stick with handmade or in-house clothing manufacturers (like Ra Ra) that consistently create quirky, and different pieces of a high quality.

What's you're favorite thing from your Ra Ra wardrobe?                                                 Last summer I bought a beautiful, bloomer style swimsuit. It’s so fun and quirky, like no other pair of togs I have ever bought before. I love wearing it on the beach and feeling like I have stepped back a generation or two.

Laura sounds pretty cool, right? We think so too.


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