The Making of a Superstar!

Usually I am a bed head until about 9:30 – such is the leisurely life I lead – but not today! No! Today was RaRa Superstar’s photoshoot for the new Spring/Summer 2013 collection. No way was I staying in bed a second past 7am! By the time I rocked up to the set with camera, note pad and pen, all the important people had already been there for an hour or more. No matter, I charmed them with my personality and devilish good looks so not a soul thought to check their watch when I walked in the door.

Kathy, RaRa Superstar creator (on the right with the big grin) greeted me sweetly and asked if I would like a cup of tea? One does not say no to caffeine in any form before 12pm, so I took my tea with sugar and milk and promptly set about getting the scoop behind the scenes. Kathy did share that the new range entitled “Postcards from Parrot Jungle” will be in sizes 6-14 rather than the standard 8-12.  So more lovely ladies than ever before can enjoy being a Superstar! Huzzah!

Of the hardworking people already on set, Kayrene was by far the busiest. Our lovely makeup artist (left) was hard at it making Olivia, our pretty young thing modeling all the new gear, look even prettier (if that’s possible?). An utter delight to chat with, Kayrene told me wonderful stories! She used to work for Emirates as a flight attendant before changing to a chartered airline flying in to and out of Afghanistan (yeh that’s right, a war zone) before deciding to become a makeup artist and settle in Brisbane. We both detest Melbourne weather, and we both love RaRa’s stuff, so I’m pretty sure we’re besties now. If you want to check out Kayrene’s work, head over to her site and be sure to tell her I sent you ;)

In between nattering away to Kayrene and politely shoving my camera in everyone’s face, I managed to interview Olivia. A young Miranda Kerr look-alike, she was discovered by an agent while she was at a fashion event with a friend only a few months ago. Since then she has been in demand everywhere, with her Dad driving her to shoots and even picking up nail polish remover for us (aww, thanks Dad). All in the school holidays! What a busy beauty she is.

Model insider tip: if you want a body like Olivia’s, eat Barbeque flavoured chips for breakfast –at least that’s what she ate today...

Note the Barbeque Chips on the left - breakfast of champions!

After a lot of fussing, primping, steaming and spraying, the shoot finally got under way. I had to sneak away just as the first shots were being taken, but I’m sure they are going to be neon-tastic. Keep a close watch on the RaRa website and be sure to rate the outfits when they are launched!

Stylist assistant Ava was a champ with the steamer.

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