Ra Ra with Chelsea and Kaylah

This year’s Project Ra Ra is well and truly underway! Last year we had some fantastic designs and this year’s is shaping up to be just as promising as the last! ‘Through the Looking Glass’ is all about apron dresses, tea parties and frolicking in the sun through fields of daisies and we can’t wait to see what your creative insights have in store for us!

Last week we caught up with Chelsea Kier and Kaylah Wanny  – two of our runners up (and coincidentally, friends) from last year’s competition themed ‘Weekend by the Sea’. They graciously agreed to be interviewed and model their Project Ra Ra dresses for us! Don't they look gorgeous!

Why did you decide to enter Project Ra Ra?
K: We saw it advertised online and thought we’d just give it a go!
C: Yeah, you never know what could happen. You hope to win but you don’t really know. It’s something to look forward to.

What do you think of your dresses now that they’ve been made?
K: Although you never think you’ll win, you always stay positive and hope, so it was amazing when we both had our dresses made! I can’t sew very well so it’s great to see my design come to life.
C: Our dresses turned out better than we expected! We’d been told that they might be made from other prints and vintage fabrics, but the fabrics are just how we envisioned them so we were pleasantly surprised. Ra Ra really tried to copy our designs down to the T.

What did you think of last year’s theme?
C: A Weekend by the Sea’ was a fun theme to work with. The Mood Board gave us some great inspiration and I loved putting together something vintage with that modern touch.
K: I also really love this year’s theme. It makes me think of Alice in Wonderland and cute little apron dresses.

Apart from high school, what else do you do?
K: I started styling several years ago but it’s only become more serious in the last two years. I’ve styled for ‘Motel Rocks’, ‘Top Shop', ‘Wish’ as well as InStyle Magazine. I also do a lot of fashion blogging. It's all been building up over the past few years – at the start, I approached a lot of people but got knocked back. But in the end, after a lot of determination and focus, smaller brands started contacting me.
Check out Kaylah’s blog and Look-Book site.
C: I do a lot of designing and sewing. Everyone knows that I make dresses, especially for my friends. A while ago I sewed some dresses for myself using popular designs so people started asking me to make them something as well. Now I’ve been asked to sew formal dresses for some girls at school. It’s great that people trust me to make such an important piece of clothing.






































What do you plan on doing next year and in the future?                                                    K: We both want to do a Bachelor of design at QUT and of course, I’ll continue blogging and styling.                                                                                                              C: I’d love to design my own label. I may end up styling as well but I’m not sure yet.

Would you guys go into something together, like an online store?
K: Definitely! I think we’d work really well together.
C: Yeah, we could definitely go into business together. We’ve actually tried a few times but we’ve never had enough time to see anything through so hopefully that will change in the next few years.

Who are your mentors?
K: I’ve recently come back in touch with a family friend. I’ve always looked up to her and even though she’s quite a bit older than me, we really relate to each other. She’s very positive, motivating and gives me great advice. I also really identify with Winona Ryder. She had a bit of an identity crisis and became a bit lost. A few years ago I had no passions and nothing to look forward too. I was cyber bullied and it took a while for me to get through it – but now look where Winona is, and where I am!
C: I’d say my nan is my mentor. She helps me with a lot of my sewing and I’ve learnt so much from her. However, I do go through phases. I loved Zooey Deschanel for a while – I even dressed like her!

Describe your style in 3 words.
K: Anything goes
C: Mixed, cute, goth (with a hint of vintage)

What are your favourite stores / where do you shop?
K: Apart from Ra Ra, here in Paddington I really love Retro Metro and LaLa Latrobe.
C: We go shopping at Carindale and the city a lot. I also love to online shop. It’s so addictive.

Feeling inspired? Get designing and enter your dress into this year's Project Ra Ra! You could win a $500 Ra Ra wardrobe and have the chance to collaborate with our designer for next year's collection! Entries close Sunday 12th August.

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