Bangles, Badges and a Boater



Ahhh what a sight to behold! Cheeky Holly Anderson came into store last week decked out in the quirkiest outfit...

Scarf: Made from her bed sheets from when she was a lilun still in pre-school!

Vest: Revolve Clothing Paddington.

Gold lurex top and Worry-doll headband: Her school’s Trash & Treasure market. Worry dolls are tiny, colourful dolls made traditionally in Guatemala. A child who gets nightmares or worries too much to go to sleep can tell their woes to a little dolly and pop it under their pillow to help them go to sleep.

Badges collected from everywhere........ Love the My Little Pony and cat badges!


Beads: From her dress-up box.

Silver Docs: The Suitcase Rummage.

What she wears is inspired by Japanese and punk street fashion, Wes Anderson films and her mates. And it definitely shows! She also hopes to one day make her own films inspired by those of Sophia Coppola and Czech filmmaker and artist Jan Švankmajer.

The Ra Ra way:

Hat: Vintage maroon with gold trim $45

Bag: Vintage black with brown panels $45

Shorts: Ra Ra A-line $65

Necklace: Vintage beads $20

Vest: 80s check $35

Badges: Various vintage $10-$15

Lurex top: Vintage $35

Your challenge this week ladies (if you choose to accept it) is to go crazy with the accessories and dare to be different... definitely the best way to brighten up a gloomy day as Holly couldn't get the smile off her face!


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