Designer to watch: Ololadé Adeniyi!

1.     Tell us a little about yourself!

Hello! My name is Ololadé, I’m 17 and I really believe design and being ‘creative’ has always been my passion. I love to travel, sleep, bake and dream up fantastical worlds in my head. In my day to day adventures, I’m inspired by everything whimsical, feminine, romantic and ‘earthy’. Anyone who knows me is very aware of my obsession with patterns especially stripes for a reason I am still quite unaware of. In my spare time, I enjoy watching French films by Xavier Dolan, reading history books and I’m currently in the process of teaching myself Japanese and Swedish.

I also eat a LOT of Grill’d Chips

2. Are you looking to enter into a career in design or similar? What is your dream job?

Well I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Architectural Studies at Queensland University of Technology and I want to further explore the architectural design field by majoring in concepts such as ‘Biomimicry’ (innovation inspired by nature) through biological sciences and eventually working in developing countries to put these ideas to practice. In saying that I’ve also always loved designing dresses and little outfits that I often ask my amazing mother to make me.

3. Who or what is your style inspiration?

My style really changes day to day depending on how I feel so I tend to have different style influences. In general, I’m absolutely in love with designer Mondo Guerra and bloggers Danielle Roche and Bianca Venerayan from Kastor & Pollux for inspiration, but then I always adapt it to suit myself and basically turn it into ‘my own thing’. On the other hand because I travel frequently, I often incorporate different ‘styles’ of diverse cultures into my dress sense. As a result I find myself paring things that “shouldn’t be paired”, but it’s really quite fun, so I do it anyway.

4. Describe your dream day….

A perfect day would probably be waking up in my Godparents’ cottage that’s on top of a mountain with banana pancakes for breakfast; then exploring the terrains for the perfect picnic spot overlooking all of NSW, I’d have a late lunch with lots of chocolate cake, jam sandwiches and lemonade. Finally I’d head back to the house and watch foreign films on the little TV by the fireplace until I fall asleep on the biggest armchair in the room. And if I’m lucky Ryan Gosling will be waiting to carry me back to bed.

5. If you could time travel where and what era would you like to visit?

Without a doubt I would go back to the 17th century ‘Rococo’ Style period in France where everything was frivolous and full of feminine curves, intricate design detail, and flamboyance. I’d be best friends with Marie Antoinette, wear extravagant dresses and eat cakes and pastries all day. Pure bliss.

For more of my design process and adventures you can find me at:

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