Designer to watch: Daria Joura!

1.     Tell us a little about yourself!

Hello. My name is Daria. I was born in Russia. I am an Olympian, but I don’t much like sports. Instead I spend my time doing silly things like sewing and trying to play my guitar. I love writing, music, clothes, old things and tea. I really like tea. I dream of a career in fashion and a life of being creative and stuff.

2. Are you looking to enter into a career in design or similar? What is your dream job?

I hope to pursue a career in the fashion industry. One day I would love to have my own brand and to see my designs come to life on a daily basis. Right now I just have to concentrate on getting my stitches even! In the semi-near future I would love to be working as a stylist, photographer, journalist or elsewhere behind the scenes.

3. Who or what is your style inspiration?

I think that limiting yourself to one source of inspiration is foolish. I take inspiration from anywhere, anyone or anything. You never know what you may find if you don't confine yourself to one way of thinking.

4. Describe your dream day….

I'm not etirely sure exactly what my perfect day would entail, I just know it would start with a new pair of socks.

5. If you could time travel where and what era would you like to visit?

As for time travel, I'm torn between the 50s and 80s - I tend to mix influences from these eras when I design.I love the 50s for the class and constant pressure for immacualte presentation - women in their sweeping skirts and dresses, men in their double-breasted suits and shorts paired with knee high socks. Post war, people were more frivilous and quality couture was again available. It was also the decade that begun to mark the end of rigorous attention to class and personal presentation.I love the 'do what I want, be who I want' mentality of the 80s. The crazy hair, kooky colours and the shoulder pads; the leather, acid wash and studs of the punk/grunge movements; and don't forget the headbands and Ray Bans! And that's just the fashion. This era gave birth to some incredible music - Sonic Youth, Pixies and Joy Division to name a few.




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