Designer to watch: Julia Baker!

1. Tell us a little about yourself!

I’m 27 and studying a Bachelor of Creative Industries at QUT, majoring in Fashion. I live in Brisbane but grew up in a small country town on the Darling Downs and absolutely love going home.  I hate getting up in the morning and drink coffee in mass amounts to try and navigate the craziness that is balancing uni, work and building a career in fashion.  I love hunting for vintage and second hand fashion and furnishings and as a result my apartment is overrun with antique crockery and second hand chairs! I have a thing for chairs!

2. Are you looking to enter into a career in design or similar? What is your dream job?

Definitely! I often daydream about working in Italy for Vogue Italia, designing for my own label or being a freelance fashion illustrator with enough work to actually keep myself!

3. Who or what is your style inspiration?

It depends on the day. I don’t think I have one particular style or look because I am inspired by so many things: many different time periods, beautiful fabric, amazing colour and lots and lots of different sub cultures! Quality and timelessness and creative people! Observing different people and their individual style is endlessly inspiring!

4.  Describe your dream day….

My dream day would be going out for breakfast, then spending the morning shopping for something beautiful to wear to spend the afternoon with all of my family and friends in a beautiful location, eating and drinking amazing food and wine!

5. If you could time travel where and what era would you like to visit?

So many choices! If I had to narrow it down it would be New York in the 1950’s, Paris in the 1920’s and London in the 80’s ’s. Oh! And I would love to revisit Hollywood’s 1930’s glamour and Italy – any time!

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