Top 5 Christmas films

Do you hear that? That faint, jingling sound of bells? That's right, the big guy, who comes into your homes at night, is nearly here and you should probably get an ear test; you could have tinnitus.

It’s officially December and I know some of you (especially those listed on the ‘naughty list’) have already eaten every window of your advent calendars. Santa sees everything, guys.

With the end of the year comes this sizzling weather and, most importantly, permission to bring out the Christmas movies! And with the sun beating down outside; what better way to have a day in the shade, than to dig out the favourites? It’s the perfect excuse for watching the corniest, most heart-warming, children-oriented classics.

Here are some of my favourites (from a much longer list). What are yours?

1.       Elf

Although this may be a relatively recent addition to the classic Christmas list of films, I have a feeling it will stand the test of time. You have a blonde Zooey, a screaming Will Farrell, and a whole lot of Christmas humour. Fun!


2.       Miracle on 34th Street

As much as I enjoyed the 90s remake, the original Miracle on 34th Street always retains a certain magic about it. It is visually beautiful, suitably heart-warming, and has me dreaming of a white Christmas.


3.       Home Alone

I’m yet to meet a person who can’t quote this film. There may be an alarming amount of violence in this children’s Christmas film, but when a family leaves a kid home alone, what more could we expect?


4.       Home Alone II

Cheese pizzas at the ready for some New York Christmas frivolity, please! Befriending the homeless, having a hotel room at The Plaza, and burning up the family’s credit cards, McCauley and friends (not to mention his negligent parents) are up to their old tricks again. There are also some great Christmas party drinking games that go along with this film for a bit of festive fun.


5.       Jingle All the Way

I’m sorry, but who could resist an Arnie one-liner? It does seem like a lot of effort to go through to get some kid a new toy, but that’s what Christmas films are all about, right?

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