1970s Bohemian Fashion

Fashion is generally synonymous with cultural influence. If you've ever taken a trip down memory lane, or Googled your way through past decades, you'll often notice that fashion changes alongside history's moments.

The 1970s is one such era that reflects liberation, nature-loving, and peace-making (to name a small few!) in clothes, both photographed and worn.


Top: Farrah Fawcett

Middle: Olivia Newton-John

Bottom: Charlotte Rampling

Here at Ra Ra, we have so many amazing bohemian 70s pieces that tell a story of revolution and adventure. Check our our four looks below! 


We hope you love our looks! Make sure you pop into our Paddington shop to revive the 70s in your own way.

Until next time, 
Ra Ra xx
Blog post by Renee (@scriptlantern, scriptlantern.com)

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