2013 in Fashion

So the new year is upon us and the parties are over...well, of course the parties are never going to be over, but 2013 has certainly dawned. So I thought about this on the brink of the year, under the influence of a lot of homemade cocktails, and envisioned a few little things I wanted to achieve...

1. Ballet Classes

This resolution was in fact a joint one made with a friend of mine on New Years Eve, which was also the cause of a lot of giggling and references to my lack of coordination, but it is also one I genuinely plan to see through. Any excuse to wear a tutu.



This outfit features a vintage swim-suit, which I fell in love with and thereafter purchased... Whilst I doubt these outfits will be of practical ballet use, it's not a bad idea for good 'Summer' look.

2. Cooking at home (maybe even for other people...if I dare...and they dare eat it)

My mum bought me a cook book for Christmas, which was really more of a present to her, but it may actually come of use this year (unlike every other year, in which all my cookbooks, all presents from my desperate mother, have gathered dust behind my microwave). I love a good meal and will sometimes look through my cook books with interest, however, this interest usually translates to searching for a restaurant where a cook can make the meal much better than I ever could... So I've decided to attempt to cook a little more at home this year!


By the way, I don't recommend actually wearing a gorgeous outfit like this when cooking, if you're a beginner like me...rather, once the meal is cooked, perform a quick change when you serve to your guests/boyfriend/desperate mum.

3. Save money for a trip to France

By trip I mean possibly moving there, but I'm not getting my hopes up yet...so far the goal is pretty simple. Save money to travel (with France and Japan in mind), which coincides with my other resolutions to cook at home instead of eating out and spending money at bars...


4. Smash my last year of uni

So my first year was great; fresh out of high-school and eager to learn. Then things begin to drop off after you relax in your post-school life, away from your parents and living ridiculously close to Brisbane's nightlife hub. The choice between going to the library to study and to a bar to drink is not really that hard to make... However, this is my last year and I want to make it damn good.


And I want to look damn good doing it, too. I'm thinking high-waisted skirts, Peter Pan blouses and high heels to really inspire me to hit the books...

In any case, whether or not I achieve all these things is not that important, but it is important to envision the year and the life you want and do whatever you can to make it happen...and of course, to look amazing doing it. Then at least if you don't achieve much, you have some awesome outfits to make the memories good!


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