90's Fashion

Ah the 90's - boy bands, butterfly clips and clueless dominated our every thought. Oh and Leo, let's not forget Leo. The 90's style is roaring back into trend - plaits, two buns, chokers and overalls. Here are some of the trends that rocked our cinemas, televisions, and radios - the ladies we loved back in the day.

Butterfly Clips


They were the coolest of cool when I was at primary school. So many colours, some even with sparkles. Such an easy way of doing our hair...

Jelly Sandals

collage jelly shoes

These are back with a vengeance - and so affordable too! I'm loving the clear ones at the moment - or really go back to your childhood and get the glitter ones.



MKA were the choker Queens, the black stretchy ones or flowers, chokers were our way of edging up our flowery dresses and butterfly clipped hair. Tres Chic.



At least now we're wearing them in a better way - cute patent sandals, retro sunnies and red lips go well with these denim creations.

Buns and Bindis


Who epitomised these two trends in the 90s? Oh yes none other than Miss G. Gwen Stefani was a fashion leader back in the day, and still is!

Crop tops


Every girl on planet earth loved to hate Kelly Kapowski. Loved her style and clothes - hated that she had the most beautiful boyfriend (and my very first crush) Zack Morris. With that toned tummy - why wouldn't she show it off with a crop top?

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