a coastal cruising soundtrack

Ah... Summer. Time for crushes, messy hair, sandy feet, and open windows. Here is a list of summer time songs worthy of a whole-hearted sing-a-long.

I might be getting in a little early, but I’m always excited about this time of year. This is my recommended soundtrack for coastal drives, lazy days, and beach-strolling: windows open and hair flinging about. This list is certainly not exhaustive...

1.Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Get up Morning

The perfect alarm clock song. I can’t help moving my feet when I hear this little beauty. You’ll be drumming on the dashboard all the way to the beach.


2.Pixies, Velouria

I could have put almost any Pixies song here, but this one has me dreaming of cycling around Byron Bay in a 70s sundress, with my hair down.

3.Vivian Girls, I Heard you Say

I could hardly make a summery playlist without including these lovely ladies. This is one of their very best efforts. I like to think they secretly shop at Ra Ra.

4. Lou Reed, Perfect Day

Lou Reed’s idea of a perfect day is exactly the same as mine. Sangria in the park? Yes please!










5. Major Leagues, Teen Mums 

A new favourite song, sung so beautifully by a friend talented of mine. It's positively dreamy!

6. Bleeding Knees Club, Bad Guys

Wait until you’re parked; this one makes you wave your arms about in a rather manic manner.

7. Beach House, Lazuli

This track is just so pretty and ensures instant relaxation. It's a beach in a bottle.

















8. Pavement, Range Life

An oldy, but a goody. It may a little bit nostalgic, but it never gets tired.

9. Flaming Lips, The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song

The film clip may be truly disgusting, but this remains a summertime classic. You can almost feel the good vibrations oozing out of this one!

10. Vampire Weekend, Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa

Any band that references punctuation is okay with me. This is a particularly sun-tastic tune.


11.MGMT, Brian Eno

The perfect sing-a-long number. It may not be summer-themed exactly, but it takes me back to a little show they played in Byron a couple of years ago where I  got to meet them – dreamy! Put this one on the boom box in your bicycle basket, ladies!

12.Love, The Red Telephone

Struggling to unwind your thoughts before bed-time? Slip this little song under your pillow for sweet, summery dreams.

13. Talking Heads, This must be the Place

Talking Heads are the go-to guys for party-starting. This one will take you to a happy place.

14. Kitty, Daisy, and Lewis, Goin’ up the Country

I know it’s a cover, but it’s a really good one. These guys are the greatest. Have you seen their outfits? Adorable!

15.Beirut, Postcards from Italy

Ah Beirut; Ah Italy. So much beauty in one little song.

16.The Drums, Down by the Water

Every Drums song is ideal for coastal caravanning, but this one is a little more mellow, so it makes number 16 on this list.

17.Fleet Foxes, Mykonos

One of my favourite bands, who I had the pleasure of seeing in Osaka, come in at 17 because of their incredible harmonies and general floaty-ness.

18.Shins, New Slang

This song is mostly here for sentimental reasons, but it fits into this list nonetheless.

19.Tame Impala, Solitude is Bliss

Just a ridiculously chilled song. They’re fantastic live and fantastic for a drive. Mix with a little Sandalwood for pure bliss.



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