A European Adventure in Brisbane: Part 2

An Afternoon in Germany

Never fear! We needn’t travel far to reach Germany in Brisbane. The Bavarian Bier Café, located at Eagle Street Pier is our very own slice of black forest at home. Sit on the sweeping deck overlooking the Story Bridge as the lights come out to play. Hear the cow bells ringing if you order a delicious shot of schnapps, or sample the large variety of German beers on the menu. The staff of The Bavarian Beer Café create wonderful German foods too, but we’re about to move to our next country! If you wish to revisit Germany, I also suggest The German Club, a merry beer hall (with excellent German music accompaniment). Dress code inspirations might include Heidi, Hansel and Gretel, or a classy German beer-hall girl (to match your stein)! And you don't have to look as daggy as this bunch....

A Night in Paris

Looking dapper in a Parisian Amelie-styled ensemble we are off to dine in the streets of the worlds’ newest romance capital: say ‘hello’ to Parisbane.

In Parisbane we have a plethora of Frenchy-chic eateries to choose from. May I suggest AniseC’est Bon, or Baguette for a taste of this fine city? Tonight however, we dine at Montrachet, a quaint restaurant in Ra Ra’s own hometown, Paddington. French food isn’t always ideal for Le Végétarien, but speaking as a fellow lover of animals, les entrees are usually the perfect meal size and will leave room for a little dessert. Experience the sheer pleasure of cracking a crème brûlée! Or you can always grab a picnic basket, some yummy cheese, fresh berries, champagne and find a grassy patch of hillside!


A Morning in Sweden

This sudden change of location might be geographically challenging in Europa, but not at all for the unassuming Brisbanite. Stockholm Syndrome, Albion, stands like a big, blood-orange, Swedish beacon. The outfit pictured below would be the perfect look to start the day. My favourite on their breakfast menu is Breakfast Platter with rye bread, pickles, cream cheese, chutney and a boiled egg. Just like its psychological namesake, this spot will have you never wanting to leave.

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