A Stay Away This Long Weekend

Get excited because in true Wes Anderson style newly released ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ boasts an amazing cast, plot, location and most importantly wardrobe (who can resist a classic royal purple concierge costume!)
Basically the film, inspired by Stefan Zewigs books and set between the world wars, is based around the escapades of the hotels infamous concierge, Monsieur Gustave. Filled with many extravagant twist and turns this quirky adventure, mystery, prison escape, murder, ski chase phenomena of a film has it all. Tilda Swinton even ages a decade or two…
With Milena Canonero, the costume designer behind Mary Antoinette and Clockwork Orange on board and shot within quant German towns we are able to see Wes Andersons Beautiful imagination come to life. Plus Miuccia Prada specially designed Madame D’s 21-piece luxurious leather luggage and Fendi crafted the furs. If previous Anderson films are anything to go by (Moonrise Kingdom, The Royal Tenenbaums) then we are all in for a visual treat. Who’s tailored look will you draw inspiration from?
Madame D. – Height of Glamour
Think Pearls, Furs and rich shaded lavish materials.
Agatha - Brilliant Baker
Pastels, collars, bows and trench coats with a signature milkmaid braid.
Zero - Luxe Lobby Boy
Simply anything in this brilliant timeless purple topped with a hat.
Our take here at RaRa…
extravagant hats, bags and shoes all in matching hues.  
 If you find yourself with some free time over this Easter long weekend take a trip to the cinemas, like me, then pop into RaRa Superstar to shop all these eccentric outfits. Are you a Madame D, Agatha or maybe Zero?

Lots of love

RaRa xxx

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