Ball gowns and nudity

Hosted by Queen Wintor, one of the most glamorously star-studded events of the year is last nights Met Gala. If you happen to have a spare $25,000 for entry what could beat a night out in New York admiring beautiful clothing, wearing priceless pieces and meeting icons. The theme of the night was Charles James who, an extremely famous designer of the 30’s – 70’s and often touted as the greatest American couturier. Although not at recognized as other fantastic designers of his era the dresses he produced were beautifully detailed, intricately crafted and completely amazing.


This year (and most likely every to come) we took the same path as Gwyneth Paltrow, who didn’t attend the event, after last years stating, "Do you want me to be honest? It sucked.” Although it was no Punk theme, the 'White Tie and Decorations' produced some wonderful costumes. Amongst the cliché and just plain boring attire we found some of out favorite funky and vintage inspired looks and compiled them for you below.

















Old school glamour

Chic and refined


Beautiful Boys

And what high profile fling would be complete without a streaker...

Hope you marvelled as much as we did...

Lots of Love RaRaxx




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