Be a little kinder to yourself this year.

We're all guilty of it. The little mental lists we compile leading up to the New Year countdown which are often forgotten in the haze of the morning after hangover. Mine are always made up of super cool resolutions that I just can't ever seem to stick to, or even remember what they were to begin with.... So this year I have decided to make a list with lots of excess and minus amounts of deprivation. Come at me 2013!


I'm going to shop and be merry and wear lots of amazing clothing.



Actually sleep as apposed to not getting enough sleep and being a grumpy, whiny, not so pleasant person.



I'm going to read so much I forget what it's like to have a real life, actual person conversation. I'm going to start with The perks of being a Wallflower, Lolita and re-read my favourite Gone with the Wind.



I'm not going to waste time/money/or my liver by drinking vile, cheap alcohol. This year will be filled with moderately priced wine and less $7 bottle headaches in the morning.



Planes terrify me. I don't know where this fear originated from but it's not particularly surprising considering I am mildly neurotic and also have a fear of punching bags, things that hang from ceilings, big dogs, snap-backs, and myself when I've had too much to drink. Despite this though, I have resolved to make 2013 a year for travelling and immersing myself in other peoples cultures. Yay for planes.



I shall create! This is the year of the creative and I will be writing more and doing a lot more DIY. How exciting.


That's my list of excess! Sit down and put together your own list. Make it fun, fanciful, and try to be a little kinder to yourself this year.

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