Beauty How to : Gradient Nails

This is a fun way to do something a bit different with your nails if you're a nail art novice like I am, who always ends up with shockingly bad replica's of what they were trying to do. I am going to be painting a set of fake nails that I filed down for myself (the tutorial on how to do that is further down the blog, don't stress!) but it would work just as perfectly on long or short natural nails!

What you'll need:

- Two colours of nail polish that you think will look cute together.

- A little rectangle of sponge (you can buy special nail art ones, but I've just cut a chunk out of a clean dish sponge aha)

Here's a little colour inspiration for you before we get started. :)


STEP ONE : Base Coat

Choose the colour you would like to have at the base of your nail bed and paint your nails like you usually would with this colour.

STEP TWO : Get it Started 

Take your second colour and paint just a small area at the tip of your nail, don't go over board with this now because when you blend the colour down the area your second colour covers will increase. Make sure you let this dry before step three, other wise the sponge will lift some of the colour out ad make your nails blotchy!

STEP THREE : Feathering

Take the sponge and paint your second colour of polish onto one of it's surfaces. Quickly, before it starts to dry, start to blend the two colours on your nail with little dabs. Play around with it a bit, maybe you'd like 

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