Brighten up your Bedroom!

One of my new year's resolutions was to treat my bedroom like a sanctuary, and unlike most resolutions, I have actually kept this one! However, I'm feeling rather bored with my bedroom set up at the moment. Instead of going to the trouble of moving around all my furniture, I thought I'd give some tips on how to brighten up your bedroom. Here we go!

1. Fairy Lights - they make everything instantly more beautiful. Hang them around your bed frame, mirror or closet and turn them on before bedtime for some relaxation.

collage lights

2. Make a Collage - photos, old postcards or posters from your childhood - it personalises your room. I have one near my desk/working area with Woodford posters, cards picked up from overseas and photos from high school

collage desk

3. DIY Garland - combine your fairy lights with a pretty pom pom, flower or tissue garland to add some femininity to your bedroom.

collage tassel

4. Flowers - now real flowers are a hassle and don't last long - gather some old jam jars or bottles (cleaned and de-labelled) and some fake flowers from Spotlight and bunch some together to put around your room - bring nature and life into your sanctuary!


5. Candles - a classic, I always have at least one scented candle burning in my room - my favourite is coconut-lime as I can pretend I'm somewhere tropical for a bit.



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