Can we go Thrift Shopping?




Well surprise, surprise Macklemore topped the Hottest 100! Because we were totally into thrifting before it was a chart topper... and for that matter rocking our grandma's style BEFORE it was a 'thing' ... we're gonna share some of our favourite op-shop secrets with you all!

For us there is no better buzz than finding a sick onsie for 99cents, gater shoes that won't cost you an arm and a leg or the fact that you can give your wardrobe, room or party an update with only 20 bucks in your pocket! We've gotta give Macklemore SOME credit because 'one man's trash is another man's come-up' is on of our mantra's here at Ra Ra!


So here are my Top 5 thrifting tips:

1. It's two sizes to big but AMAZING? Belt it, alter it or gift it. Don't let an amazing piece go to waste whether the fabric or detail is special or it just makes your heart flutter.

2. Go to the craft section. Usually tucked away with old curtains and knitting books you can usually find a fabulous vintage pattern (even if incomplete I find them inspiring), a few metres of amazing fabric (I've found lace, corduroy and velvet for insane prices) or some cheap-as-chips wool for your next knitting project! It saves you dealing with the grumpy ladies at Spotlight and is great for your back pocket as well.

3. Keep your mind OPEN. If you're not much of a dreamer than go with a friend who thinks out of the box! Is that dress fabulous but badly damaged? Throw some blood on it coz it would probably make an ace halloween costume or rock it the way it is and call it 'grunge'.

4. Let your usual standards down.... the idea of wearing someone's old shoes creeps you out? Well get over it because my vintage Bally flats with pearl buttons will change your mind. Wouldn't be caught dead wearing someone else's underwear? I have a vintage garter belt I got for $2 that would blow your mind.


5. Think a season ahead and for all occasions. I bought a wonderful tartan kilt the other day at Vinnies and although it was insanely hot I gritted my teeth, tried it on and now it's sitting and taunting me in my room! Same with that floor length stunner that you thought your would NEVER have the occasion for. It may seem a bit ridiculous to buy it now, but trust me because it won't be there when you have a surprise invite to a fabulous occasion!

Keen to put Macklemore, and most importantly OUR advice into action? Here are some of our favourite op-shopping hang outs:

Steeple Op Shop - Oxley Road and Verney Road East Graceville

RSPCA Thrift Store - 600 Sherwood Rd, Sherwood

Lifeline Vintage Wardrobe - 302 Ruthven St, Toowoomba

Salvos  - 80 Glenrosa Road, Red Hill

Just around the corner from us! Hey Hey It's Yesterday's Thrift Shop - 39 Nash St, Paddington

We haven't been there but it looks amazing! Only open Saturday 8am - 2pm Re's Recycle Shed - Slacks Creek



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