Chalkboard hysteria


People are going crazy for chalk. The internet has exploded in a cloud of chalk and DIY bloggers are choking on chalk clouds. I can only dream of becoming a DIY goddess (or even domestic for starters, someone please teach me how to be a competent adult) so basic DIY works best for me. Luckily, chalk painting is super easy and super messy! How perfectly apt.

Step 1:

Buy some chalk paint! This is the best option as you can find some lovely eco friendly chalk paints in all colours for a reasonable price (Etsy is your friend). But if you are a grown person with the patience of a 5 yr old and your paint hasn't arrived yet you can make your own chalk paint. (I also get dizzy drunk if I drink too much red cordial and have to sit in a corner for a moment of quiet contemplation).

Optional Step 1.5 (make your own):

Buy some paint from your local hardware store. I actually bought a bunch of tiny sample pots of latex paint in a variety of different colours as it was a lot cheaper then buying a giant can. Or Paddington Hardware has a tone of so called "ugly colours" they sell for cheap in a bin out front.  It also means you can indulge in some major colour explosion painting! Hooray!

 (pics and recipe courtesy of a beautiful mess)

If you are making your own chalkboard paint be prepared for some mess. The basic ratio is 1 cup of paint to 1 tablespoon of unsanded grout. Depending on how chalky you want your objects to be, take the time to figure out what ratio works for you! Over the course of the day I added water to the paint (as it tends to thicken). Best thing to do is mix the paint as you use it as it does not store well and tends to dry fast.  Also be aware that not all surfaces like chalk paint. I bought two beautiful plates and the paint wouldn't hold, but I did buy a lovely vase that thoroughly enjoyed its new clothing!



 Step 3:

Get painting! The paint takes about an hour to dry so put the kettle on. Once your chalkboard has fully dried be sure to slate the surface before using it for the first time. Do this by rubbing chalk lightly along the surface and then lightly rub it off.

Then the world is your chalkboard... so don't be afraid to paint everything. From mugs, jars, plates, platters, chairs, tables, to even cars & vintage tv's. If it doesn't breathe paint it! Check out some of our fave chalkboard inspirations!

Step 4:

Write lovely messages to friends, family, and yourself all over your chalk board trinkets. Write lists, plan holidays, draw beautiful pictures, or even use it to leave passive aggressive notes to your roommates about forgetting to wash up their dirty dishes a week ago. Now the world really is your chalk board!

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