Christmas Craft Roundup

The best thing about Christmas for me has always been giving and receiving hand made gifts, there is nothing quite like knowing that someone poured their time and creativity into something special just for you.

Now that I am older I have graduated from the hand scrawled cards given to my parents, and moved onto more "refined" home made gifts.

The following is a selection of hand made pressies I have personally tried, and that also, at least to me, marry together the perfect amount of "I made this for you with my own hands" and "this is an actual gift not just a hunk of clay and some glitter"

 Enjoy. xo.


*click through images for tutorials*

Air Dry Clay Antler

I love decorative wrapping, and this sophisticated little number is so easy to make! air dry clay is around 6 - 10 dollars at your local craft, two dollar, or art store. For this lil gift topper (or ornament, I am going to put mine on my windowsill) you simply shape the clay, paint on some glitter and then leave it to dry for about 24 - 48 hours!

You can see my attempt below (before I smoothed out all the cracks and  fingerprints)


Pine Cone Garland

I am lucky enough to live a few houses away from a park with several large pine trees, so I always have a constant supply of pine cones (who WOULDN'T want that?!) I have so many scattered around the house, it drives my boyfriend crazy, but I am convinced one day I will find a practical use for them all!

Pine cone garlands are nature friendly and so easy, you are limited only by the number of pine cones you have! This year, I made several garlands, a plain pine cone and twine one, and another which I sprayed with artist's spray adhesive, and then sprinkled with glitter. In the tutorial above, she simply sprays hers with spray paint! they are quite easy to string together, though don't expect them to sit exactly how you like, as wrapping and tying the twine or string can be a bit fiddly.


Salt Dough Ornaments

These are probably my fave home made decoration, as the possibilities are endless, and they are made from only 3 ingredients everyone has in their cupboard, flour, salt, and a little oil (also water, but that comes from the tap!)

This year I made mine using a lace doily to make an embossed pattern in the dough, and then a star shaped biscuit cutter, and the open side of a mug to make star and circle shapes. A skewer or pen can me used to make the hole for string. These really are versatile, as you can add a drop of dye to the dough, glitter, or even stamp them with ink and stamps (as seen in the photo above) they are also excellent to make with children as they aren't toxic or dangerous.


I hope you have found some inspiration from these gifty ideas! (I'll post some photos of all my completed Christmas projects a bit later on) you can also never go wrong with home made baked goods, but if I went into my favourites of those, this post would never end!

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