Colour Clash for the Races!

Next week is one of the only days of the year where my girly antics and general extremity when it comes to fashion is socially acceptable, bar Halloween, which was coincidentally, a couple of days ago. So I now declare October my favourite month.

Yes, next week is Melbourne Cup- for many a day to drink heavily that isn't the weekend, and waste lots of money gambling on horses. Which tends to go hand in hand with the drinking part.

Again, that seems to fit with my life's philosophy, which tends to lean towards slightly hedonistic parameters...but what I really love about Melbourne Cup is that it is the one day of the year where my love for frocks, big headpieces, alcohol and bright neon colours all fit together seamlessly.

Of course, I tend to live my daily life like this, but then again, I have been referred to as slightly odd in the past. But for the rest of you- Melbourne Cup is a chance for you to experience what I live every week.

Oh and there was something about horses as well, but it's not really all that important.

Onto the fashion!

So I wandered down to Ra-Ra Superstar yesterday and go to live out my childish dream of playing dress-up in all of their beautiful clothes. And of course, I took some photos for all of you to peruse.

Outfit #1: Red Siren

This one is a great smouldering-temptress's all in the dress. The dress is vintage, whilst this magnificent watermelon headpiece is a Ra-Ra design. Instead of wearing heels, I opted for flats, which I like with long, statuesque dresses, as it's a bit more unorthodox. Of course I have on a pair of bright socks, you will never site me without them.

Outfit #2: Pink pom-pom

This one is me in a nutshull. Bright, girly and slightly obnoxious at times (in a nice way!). The dress is Ra-Ra unique, as is the lovely headpiece and my favorite component, the pom-pom socks! I love adding a pom-pom collar to lots of bland clothes, it's easy and simple to do. Because who doesn't love pom-poms? The vintage gold slippers are mine; they are an all-time favourite of mine, so comfortable and have lasted me hours of dancing late into the night...Again, I opted for flats; you will rarely see me in heels, not with my awkward-little bambi legs.

Outfit #3 Power-suit

This dress popped out at me straight away on the vintage rack at Ra-Ra, which is exactly what you want at Melbourne Cup. It's not exactly my style, as a self-proclaimed girly-girly, but it is an extraordinary design. The headpiece here is a lovely vintage hat that completes the power-suit-lady look. The shoes are my own, a vintage Mary-Jane-esque design, and so are the polka-dot socks. With an outfit like this the black hat and socks provide a neat contrast to the splash of colours on the dress.

Outfit #4- Girly girl

This is my favorite of all the outfits, as it includes all my favorite elements- pom pom socks, sparkly shoes, a big bow and a flowy dress. The dress is a vintage find at Ra-Ra with an awesome flared skirt to play with; seems to have a bit of a Spanish flair to it, but I've gone more for a 1950s girly-girl look. The shoes were another vintage find at Ra-Ra. Sparkly shoes are the greatest accessory if you're going dancing- especially ones with a slight, comfortable heel, like these ones. The bow was a Ra-Ra design, enormous, but just the right size for my ego. It also has a lemon on it, which is a wonderful, quirky touch. Who knew a lemon would sit just as well on my head as it does in my drink? Now, this neck-piece is one of my favourite touches. Another Ra-Ra design, hand-made with buttons and various brightly-coloured oddities on it. Add it to any outfit and it will instantly make it pop.

Outfit # Cool Mod

This look is super stylish and feminine. The shift dress has a great shape to it with the high neck and the polka-dot pattern just leaps off- another vintage find at Ra-Ra. Gold shoes are almost as awesome as sparkly shoes, as they go with absolutely everything, but not quite as awesome as gold, sparkly shoes. I love the narrow cut of these vintage shoes and the little kitten heel. The socks are my own, a basic white with little bows that go with practically everything; one of my basic necessities in my wardrobe.  The hat is vintage and sits nicely- the kind of hat that will sit well on basically any hairstyle (unless you have an afro or something, although that could be potentially awesome).

Outfit #6- All neon-like

If you didn't think I could push the colour extremities anymore...well here you go. I love putting bold, clashing colours together. Sometimes the risk is worth it, although, sometimes it can fail and you look like a box of crayons. But I always advise to take the risk, when it comes to fashion- it's much more fun that way. The top is a Ra-Ra design that tucks in nicely at the waist, providing a great silhouette. The skirt is vintage, again with a great, body-hugging shape that creates a nice figure (even giving my a-line figure a shape!). The hat is also vintage, a gorgeous, layered flower design. The shoes are my favourite part of this outfit, purely because of the divine aqua-colour and narrow, slender cut. Lastly, I added in one of Ra-Ra's handmade neck-pieces for that extra spark. Because three bold colours simply wasn't enough.

So there you have it, six Ra-Ra outfits for Melbourne cup. Now, if only I could decide what to wear...

(it is difficult to pass up the novelty of wearing a giant water-melon on my head).

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