Colour me Tie Dye



Here at RaRa we have recently received boxes upon boxes of exciting new stock to share with all of you, our favourite includes a wide range of funky Tie Dyed Tees! This iconic 60's trend has never really gone out of fashion on the festival scene and seems to equally pop up on the streets/catwalk. Although a fun DIY this method of tying, scrunching, drying and dipping into various dyes becomes messy, frustrating and time consuming! For those of you (like me who struggles tie dying one colour, let alone a rainbow) who would prefer pre-dyed fabulous vintage shirts look no further, we have you covered. 


Susie Lau from Style Bubble - This girl can pull off any print so no surprise finding her rocking this trend head to toe.


A classic dyed slogan jumper on the streets on NY


This awesome Spider Man tee we have luckily added to our collection


We decided to take some of our favourite tees and style them 4 different ways. Ranging from festival to evening wear, tie dye is surprisingly versatile and always cute.


Iconic rainbow tie dye called for a fool proof festival look. Boots, denim high-waisters with a side bag, statement earrings and a funky printed hat. This is the perfect outfit for outdoor music fun!


Slouched, velvet mens styles slacks are completed with this unique slogan tie dye. Adding our favourite Odd Pears spotty socks, gold chain and bright sunglasses calls for a chilled day time look to survive winter. 


Dressing up this pastel tee by placing it underneath our lovely patterned dress and adding a simple gold chain. This could easily be worn out if paired with a nice pair of heels.


Finally, this traditionally printed blue tee which placed underneath our patterned velvet skirt for a day-night styled look.


We hope to see you in store soon to play dress ups with these great shirts and pretend we are back in the 60s!

Lots of love RaRa xxx

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