Decades of Formal Fashion: 1940s

As the end of the year rushes forward, we now turn our attention to school formals. For all year 12 students in Australia, this night celebrates the wins and losses, the triumphs and the heartbreak that makes up the high-school experience. 

But...forget all that, what are you going to wear? Going for a vintage dress is eco-conscious, great for the hip pocket and sometimes they even have pockets! 

This 1940s look was inspired by film noir and its femme fatales. Veronica Lake, eat your heart out. 


This iconic hair is best attempted with hot rollers - for old times sake. Oh, and don't forget a bold red lip!

How do you think we did? Check out these gorgeous retro earrings; just clip them on and away you go. 

And finally, we pay homage to Lauren Bacall, looking swanky on set of The Big Sleep (1946).

That's all for now, Superstars. Stay tuned for the 50s and onward. 
Peace & Love, Ra Ra
By Charlotte Bouchereau

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