Decades of Formal Fashion: 1970s

This one is for the girls out there that don't want to wear dresses. It's totally fine to rock a suit or even better, a jumpsuit! With heels and maybe a corsage, jumpsuits transition from day wear to evening wear in a matter of minutes. Now, you'd think our style inspiration was John Lennon with those circle shades, but it's actually Donna from That 70s Show. 

Here at their school formal, looking charming in lilac. Now it's our turn!

It's cool, relaxed and you can definitely throw some disco moves on the dance-floor. 

These ladies know that empire-lines and flared pants are the way to go. 


All I can say about the 80s is that we're referencing a fabulous cult film favourite. Can you guess which one?


Peace out, Ra Ra


By Charlotte Bouchereau


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