DIY Button Bauble

Tomorrow is the 1st of December and traditionally the day when people put up their Christmas tree. If you feel like getting crafty and making some baubles for the tree, here is an idea for you that utilises all those old buttons you might have around the house.

Supplies you'll need:

  • Foam ball
  • Toothpick (optional)
  • Wine or champagne cork (optional)
  • Craft / PVA glue (optional)
  • Tissue paper (optional)
  • Paint brush
  • Vintage buttons
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Ribbon

[caption id="attachment_4626" align="alignnone" width="630"] Step 1[/caption]

Step 1 (Optional): To get started, use a wine or champagne cork and toothpick to hold your styrofoam ball in place and keep it from rolling away.

[caption id="attachment_4627" align="alignnone" width="630"] Step 2[/caption]

Step 2: Use watered down craft glue to cover the ball in pieces of tissue paper. Allow time for it to dry.

NOTE: This step is optional. I knew there would be some tiny gaps left between buttons and I thought a layer of tissue paper would be nicer than visible styrofoam.

[caption id="attachment_4629" align="alignnone" width="630"] Step 3[/caption]

Step 3: Gather your selection of buttons and heat up the hot glue gun.

[caption id="attachment_4630" align="alignnone" width="630"] Step 4[/caption]

Step 4: Start with the largest buttons and attach using hot glue.

[caption id="attachment_4631" align="alignnone" width="630"] Step 5[/caption]

Step 5: Once all of the big buttons have been placed, use the smallest buttons and shank buttons to fill the gaps. You can also place some buttons partially over existing ones, thereby covering the gaps.

[caption id="attachment_4632" align="alignnone" width="630"] Step 6[/caption]

Step 6: Make a loop out of ribbon and hot glue it into a gap between buttons. Allow to cool.

Now it's time to hang it on the tree!


This idea works for any colour and white, metallics, green, red, or be bold and go with neon colours! Keep to one colour range or mix it up. Create a pattern like stripes or a heart shape in the centre. You can do anything that takes your fancy!

You can also incorporate this idea with a foam cone and create a tree centrepiece or glue them on a foam ring and make a wreath (although be'll need A LOT of buttons!).

Don't forget that handmade baubles also make wonderful presents. They're extremely thoughtful and don't cost a fortune. Happy crafting!


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