DIY: Crystal Candle Pools

As our FAB launch event is fast approaching, we've been hard at work getting all things Ra Ra ship-shape.
Lucky for all of you dedicated DIY-ers, this means we've discovered even more delightful knick-knacks to keep you art-ing and craft-ing all year round!
Introducing our latest love: Crystal Candle Pools. Not only are they gorgeous and versatile, they are also SUPER easy!


What you'll need: - some crystal glass bowls/dishes, candlesticks and/or mini vases, heavy duty glue (we used and recommend 'Araldite'), floating candles, water and matches. 
1. Trial different dishes with the candlesticks/mini-vases to get the balancing act just right.  Ensure the base item is the right way around so it will be able to stand!
2. Apply Araldite to the bottom of the dish and the end of the vase/candlestick you wish to use as a base. Beware: This stuff is weaponry! Expect sticky fingers, Superstars!
3. Turn dishes upside down and allow to dry for 20 - 30 minutes
4. Once you're sure the base and dish are attached, turn your work-of-art over and fill with water
5. Light floating candles and place in dishes (note: make sure you do it in that order! Putting the candles in the water before lighting them could result in a burnt finger!)
Et Voila! A fab inferno-d pond. Fit to add something extra to any party, or cosy up your room. Can also be used as a jewellery stand or anything you wish!
Tell us what you'll use yours for!
Until next time Ra Ra queens,
Lizzie xo.

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