DIY Dreamcatcher


Spruce up your bedroom walls and catch those bad dreams with an easy-peasy DIY dreamcatcher.

This is a single afternoon project to share over tea and cake.

I think dreamcatchers look best in assorted bunches of various sizes and colours – anything goes! If you don’t like your final result, simply cut the threads and try again. We kept it very simple with our first attempts. But, I think next time I'd like to do something using crochet doilies, like this:

lune vintage dream catcher - be kind

My sister and I chose brightly coloured thread and wooden beading. It was our first time (since our Girl Guide days) making wall hangings, but it is a simple activity that won't see you throwing wool at the walls in frustration, as I imagine trickier crafts might have me do. It doesn't have to be perfect or symmetrical and is suitable even for those who are challenged by basic crafting ventures (ahem, such as yours truly).

We visited Spotlight for all our dream-catching needs, and they had a great collection of wire hoop sizes and thread colours to choose from.

We also recommend listening to the newest Tame Impala album while you craft.

You will need

A hoop, thread, and beads/ feathers/ any other accessories you like.


How to make your dreamcatcher

Start by tying the end of your thread to the hoop. Simply twist the thread all the way around your hoop – alternating colours if you prefer.


Next, pick a design you want for the middle, or wrap thread at random in the inside of your hoop. I settled on a traditional star formation, with a hole in the middle, and my sister created a geometric pattern of her own, which I think is rather fetching.

Add beads as you go, or keep it simple. They also look fantastic with doilies stitched into the centre and lace ribbons hanging off the end. Unfortunately, mine looks somewhat like a primitive  child's drawing.


Our motivation was basically to out-do a dreamsnatcher (pictured at top) that my husband had made earlier. Don't tell him, but I think his is probably still the best one..... Dang!

Next, you’ll need a tail for your dreams to slide down. Affix beads/ feathers/ pendants or even pom poms to the end of your thread, for the good dreams to slide down. How many points of thread you end up with can determine the meaning of your design. We're not really into using pre-packaged Turkey feathers, so we used little ornament for our tails.

Practice makes perfect? I think I'll try doilies and lace next time!


This is Marley's: sweet dreams!


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