DIY flower bicycle basket

There is so much fun to be had riding a bicycle. The wind in your hair as you cruise down a hill and the places you can go adventuring with nothing but bipedal locomotion. Freedom and fun all with a frame and a couple of wheels.


There are so many different styles of bicycles and colours to choose from. Oh, how to choose? Just when you think your have it covered, what about a basket? I have a white cruiser style bicycle and it is great but it wasn't until my Mum gave me a large wicker basket for it that it became fabulous. A morning ride to the shops means you can carry your milk, bread and paper back home; a trip to the beach is easy, just pop your towel, sunscreen and water bottle in the basket and pedal to the ocean; even visiting a friend for a cup of tea is easy, simply put your flowers and scones in the basket and off you pedal.


Now there are lots of pretty baskets available so it is a matter of your taste! I have been feeling inspired with all of the pretty floral patterns I have come across lately and have decorated my wicker basket into a floral heaven with which to carry my goodies. It is so simple and easy to do.

All you need is a selection of different plastic flowers (you can find these at your local bargain store), a hot glue gun and glue, scissors and a bit of creativity.


Turn your hot glue gun on and wait for it to heat up. You need to be super careful as the glue gun gets extremely hot. While your glue gun is heating up pull your flowers off their stems and get them ready to glue on.


Work with one flower at a time as the glue will start to set quite quickly. Put a good dollop of glue on to the base of the flower and then attach where you would like it on your basket. Hold for a few seconds and then keep working.




Arrange your flowers how you fancy and watch a gorgeous bouquet come to life.

basketfinishedIf Flowers aren't your 'thing' how about a prettily lined wire basket, pom pom embellished or knitted version?




Now hope on your bicycle and go for a pedal enjoying the fresh air and sunshine on your face...


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