DIY - Grass Letter Sign

Those of you who have been into our store in Paddington, or even just seen a picture of it now and again, will know that we operate mostly outside; we love to embrace nature! Nature is, however, not always so kind. We have had some pretty bogus weather around the country the last few weeks (it basically snowed in Sydney?!) and Brisbane has not been left out, receiving crazy wind and rain that ended in flooding last week. Oh yeah, and remember when it hailed and broke like every one's roofs? (Well it broke mine anyway). We've had a lot of branches to clear and gazebo's to bid farewell to, but in last week's weather drama we lost a Ra Ra staple, our alley way sign! 
So today I am making a new one which will hopefully survive, and I am going to show you how!
  • Some old astro turf
  • Good scissors that will cut astro turf (it is not easy, aha)
  • A Stanley knife that will also cut astro turf
  • Some weld bond glue
I was lucky enough to have a few old letters left just for a size guide, but if you aren't working with restricted background space then you can go as big or as small as you'd like with them.
The most annoying and difficult part was having to cut out the little empty space sections of the letters, this is where a Stanley knife comes very much in handy!
I glued the letters down with even spacing and left the sign down in our craft shed over night so it had a chance to dry properly. Then this morning it was ready to go o show!
Here's how my sign turned out:
I'm pretty chuffed with the result and am planning on trying out some more lettering DIY's soon. It's pretty easy to make letters out of old cardboard, felt, wire or other materials you may have laying about, and when it comes to decorating just use your imagination. Wrapping them with wool, painting, decoupaging with old books magazines, wallpaper or fabric would look pretty cool. So why not plan a little bit of craftiness this weekend & create your own masterpiece. 

Here are some inspo pics to get your creative juices flowing :

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