DIY paper rosettes

The spring/summer collection launch party is fast approaching and we're all in full DIY mode getting decorations ready. With a 'Postcards from Parrot Jungle' theme, you can expect pops of bright color and retro style.

I'm hoping to recreate this doorway for the entrance into the party so this weekend I got started on the paper rosettes. They are just so, so easy to make and look absolutely incredible when used together like they are above.

Start with some colored cardboard - it needs to be thick enough to maintain the shape made by accordion folding. I bought card in every color possible and am even going to try some metallic card at a later date. The only other thing you'll need is a stapler or some double-sided tape.

Fold the card back and forth in that accordion style, keeping a width of about 1.5cm. Each rosette is made up of three pieces of card so repeat that three times.

Once you've finished that, fold each piece of pleated card in half sideways and affix the sides together using either staples or tape.

Then all three pieces will fit together quite perfectly to make the rosette. I tried to keep all the staples on on side so the rosette has a front and a back.

And then just repeat until you have as many rosettes as you need. If you want to make smaller rosettes, cut the card in half width-ways before you start folding, and make your folds closer to 0.5cm in size. Depending on where you want to hang them, you could punch a hole and thread through some ribbon or you could use double-sided tape as I will be doing.

So that's the first DIY project for the party done, but I still have a lot more to do so I'll keep you posted.

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