DIY rhinestone heart shoes!


I am not the hugest fan of Valentines day OR heels but I do love heart print anything  - so this year I thought I'd get into the spirit by doing up a pair of  flats that still look dressy enough to wear on a night out, but are still comfortable enough that I can dance all night!!

All you need for these is

-a lot of glue

-rhinestones (Different shapes, colours and sizes)

-white glitter

-some white/silver fabric paint

-some small black beads

-and a bit of patience.


Depending on what you already have at home and excluding the price of the shoes, this craft project can be done for under $20... If you are not familiar with a website called Aliexpress, get familiar with it!

I cheated and found shoes that already had hearts on them, but the same principals apply to any pair of shoes!


To start, you will just need to give the shoes a base coat of paint, unless you are happy with the colour that you have already got, then you can skip that step. I chose opaque white paint! When it dried, I mixed some gloater through the paint and gave them another coat!


When it comes to decorating the heart, the different size rhinestones will come in handy so you can cover as much of the heart as possible. Just do whatever pattern suits you. I love colour and these were inspired by those sequin shoes and hats that many of us 90's kids remember and miss...


The Princess in me wanted to leave them white and snow sparkly but The Liza Minnelli in me said “MORE IS MORE, GET MORE RHINESTONES ON THOSE BAD BOYS”... And Liza ALWAYS wins...



For the next part I chose to use rhinestones already in lines so it looks super cooper neat! If you opt for rhinestones then I recommend trying to find the ones used for decorating mobile Once you've got your lines going, start filling in the shapes with other rhinestones. I used pearls and black beads in one section and then colourful rhinestones in the other!



Once that is done, your shoes are finished and ready to wear.  Remember that there is no wrong way to make these so just enjoy yourself and enjoy wearing your new dancing shoes!


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