DIY Shabby Sheets Into Cute Clothes - Elastic Waist Shorts

In keeping with our New Years Resolution to Fix & Reuse, we got a bit crafty and opted to turn our old sheets into something new and adorable instead of just throwing them away!

Have you got old sheets with a coffee stain on them that you feel like you can't use anymore? (I do, I spill a lot of coffee) Or even just old ones that you never use because they've been replaced with something else? This little tutorial might be for you then! Don't throw them away and contribute to land fills, make something fabulous and feel good about it!


If you have basic sewing skills, then elastic waist shorts are easy to whip up! Or even if you don't, they are a good thing to start off and experiment with.  

You can sometimes find free patterns for these online (places like Pinterest) or if you spend enough time sifting through patterns at vintage and second hand places, but if you can't manage to find any, there is an easy way around it. 

1. Take a pair of shorts that fit you and fold them in half along the seem down the middle, and place them on top some rolled out baking paper (you'll probably have to tape two strips of paper together so you have enough space) and trace around them, leaving hemming space at the bottom and top, and adding extra width and squaring out the side. Like in the pictures below.


2. Cut out your pattern. You will need to cute out four pieces of fabric in the shape, and if your sheets only have a pattern on one side you will have to make sure to flip your patter piece so its reversed for two of the pieces (Two should have side A facing upwards and two with side B, as shown in the pictures). 


 3. Lay out the two halves of the shorts with the two good sides of the fabrics facing inwards (touching), and head to your machine! First sew the along the green line (shown in the image below) then take your two halves and match them up so their yellow lines are together and sew along there. Finally, with your shorts still in side out and nearly complete, sew along the red edges to make the crotch and then give the legs a hem.

4. Now just measure out enough elastic for your waist and fasten it into a circle. With the pants still inside out, fold the waist down around the elastic and sew it down.  


Have fun crafting!

Love Ra Ra Superstar

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