DIY streamer curtain.

I got started on another little project for the launch party at the weekend - the streamer curtain. We're planning to use it as a backdrop to the photo booth. It's another really simple and effective DIY number that can be made by even the most uncrafty of kids. All you need is some colourful material, a piece of rope to tie the streamers to and some fabric scissors. Inspired by the 'Postcards from Parrot Jungle' theme, I opted for bright fuchsia, aqua and sunshine yellow as my main colours.

The pieces of scrap material I chose had at least 2m in length because I wanted to make sure the curtain reached the floor even if it was hung quite high. I used a mixture of matte and satin finishes and I think the mix of textures gave the curtain a really eclectic look.

So basically all I did was cut the fabric into strips of about 5cm in width - some may have been a little thinner and some wider. Cutting the strips is the most time-consuming part of the project, but I put on some trashy TV and was done in no time.  Then I just tied them to the rope - as close together as I could manage. I did a single knot and then bunched the knots together so there was no gaps. Then I did a quick stitch through each knot to hold them in place.

Ta da! OK so I haven't completely finished the curtain but it's looking pretty good so far right? I'm thinking after the party it would be really fun to hang it behind my dressing table as a bit of a feature backdrop. Streamer curtains are also beautiful in weddings - at the altar in the ceremony, behind the bridal table or as part of the dessert buffet.

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