DIY tissue paper pom poms

Tissue paper pom poms should be mandatory decor for any party as far as I'm concerned. They're bright, cheerful, cute and very cheap to make. And you can go completely nuts with them, as I intend to do at the Ra Ra Superstar launch party. All you need to make them is tissue paper and some string or ribbon. I bought the tissue paper from the newsagent and allocated one packet per pom pom (love me some alliteration).

To start with, accordion fold your tissue paper – I aimed for folds of about 2cm. Make sure you apply lots of pressure to make the folds tight and straight.

I’m pretty crazy about tiny details so I rounded the edges with scissors once I had finished accordion folding. Take a look above- definitely not necessary but it gives the ruffley parts (technical name) more of a petal shape once they’re unfolded. Then tie your string or ribbon around the middle of the tissue paper. I forgot to take a photo of that, but you can see it in the next step below. I’m awesome at DIY tutorials, I know.

See, there’s the ribbon. Anyway, you unfold the accordion folding so it starts to take a more circular shape. Then you peel apart each layer and fluff it up. Eventually, once you’ve peeled apart every layer, your pom pom will look pretty weird. You have to shape it into the pretty round shape you see on wedding blogs.

As you can see I got a bit too vigorous with my scrunching – when you’re finished it should look less like above and more like this:

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