DIYs for Days | Fruity Headbands

Missed out on your 'two fruit a day' quota? Never fear! In today's DIY, we're serving up some watermelon AND pineapple. Unfortunately (and fortunately), they're only for your pretty head, so maybe you should still reach for that apple and read on. 


The Watermelon Headband


What You'll Need

Step One

Wind the green fabric around your headband, securing it down with hot glue as you go. 

Step Two

Take your watermelon ornament and attach it to the headband. Our watermelon was quite the napkin holder once upon a time; this made the fitting process a whole lot more convenient.

Step Three

Did you spot those two sneaky sequins in the picture above? In this step, we're going to stick on more sequins to emphasise the painted watermelon seeds.


And you're done with our first DIY! Who doesn't love a slice of wearable watermelon?

The Pineapple Headband

For this DIY, you'll need to take the same materials as before (bar the sequins and the watermelon ornament), and attach your pineapple ornament to the headband. Again, our pineapple was once a napkin holder, so we threaded the green fabric through the hole and presto! Pineapple paradise!


This post wraps up our headband DIY segment! We have many more DIY projects coming up, so keep your eyes peeled and your creative minds imagining. 

If any of you lovelies have made your own headbands, please let us know! Upload your pictures to Instagram and tag us (@rarasuperstar) so we can celebrate unique accessories together.  

Stay sweet superstars!
Ra Ra xx

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