DIYs for Days | Ice Cream Headbands


We have a super sweet Ice Cream Headband DIY for you superstars in today's post! Yes, you read that right; a two-scooped frozen dessert that can be worn on your noggin'. If you'd like to see how it's done, then just follow our easy steps below!


What You'll Need:

Step One

Take the ribbon and stick it around a headband with hot glue.



Step Two

Roll your paper into a small cone, and then glue on the gingham fabric. This creates a retro waffle-cone look!

Step Three

Choose two pom poms and glue them into your cone. Ensure they're secure as you don't want to lose your scoops!

Step Four (optional)

Finish off this dessert by gluing on a faux strawberry to the top pom pom scoop. 

Step Five (optional)

To create a melted effect, glue on a tasseled ribbon around the top of the cone. 

Step Six

Now you can glue your delicious ice cream cone onto your headband at a slight angle. And voila! You now have an accessory that looks good enough to eat!


We hope you loved this project! Make sure to be super creative with your ice cream headbands. We have a few more headband DIYs coming up, so keep an eye out.

Big love, 
Ra Ra xx


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