Doily and Handkerchief Earrings

Hello there, Ra Ra friends!

Today I have a VERY easy little craft for you. Takes about 30 minutes and costs next to nothing. Here's what you need:

Doily or Handkerchief (or any other fabric you fancy!)

Fabric Stiffener


Wax Paper


Earring Backings

Needle Nose Pliers


Here you have the doily and handkerchief I used for this project:


Step 1: Use a paintbrush and apply fabric stiffener to the back of the fabric / doily / handkerchief. Make sure to do this step on top of a piece of wax paper (and leave on the wax paper to dry).

NOTE: Instructions on the bottle say to pour the fabric stiffener in a bowl and coat the fabric with it. I found this made it too hard and crunchy. I prefer applying it with a paintbrush on the reverse side of the fabric only.

Step 2: Once it has dried, cut out your shapes.

Step 3: Use needle nose pliers to open up the end of the earring and attach through an opening in the doily. For the handkerchief, I pierced the fabric with a relatively thick needle and then put the earring through.

Here are the finished earrings!


NOTE: Earrings #2 and #3 started out as #1, but I cut the centre circle out to make earrings #2 and kept the outer ring to create earrings #3.

That's it. I told you this was an easy project! Be sure to have fun experimenting. You can create really interesting shapes with the fabric stiffener by twisting and twirling the fabric in different ways before it dries.

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