Enjoy A European Vacation in Brisbane this Weekend: Part 1

Recently, I moved home to Brisbane following a year filled with memorable travels...

If I’m to be honest, I was rather expecting the post-holiday blues to hit me hard, on my return to our dear city. Don’t get me wrong; I love my hometown, but I was prepared to pine for the liveliness of life abroad. Call me a snob, but I didn’t consider ol’ Brisrael to be particularly renowned as a fashion, culture or cuisine hub.

To my surprise things are changing with haste.

With so many new-fangled cocktail bars and restaurants cropping up all over our city, those with little time to leave the country can now take a European inspired trip, around their own neck of the woods (minus the heavy suitcase-lugging and waiting for flights in over-crowded airports). Huzzah! It may not be a geographically accurate tour of Europe, but it will be delicious and most importantly, with the arrival of new Ra Ra Spring vintage - you will look suitably chic!

Pack your bags. We're all going on a summer holiday....

Our Itinerary:


A Night in Spain

Dependant on where you opt to stay (or live), there is now an abundance of wonderful tapas bars popping up on many corners of our city. One of my favourite European destinations is Granada in the Andalucían region of Spain. Luckily, you can now visit Granada (café and tapas bar) in South Brisbane. Enjoy their extensive Spanish menu and a carafe of Sangria, complete with a view (albeit somewhat two-dimensional) of The Alhambra. I would also recommend Olé tapas restaurant nearby or a quick trip to New Farm for some fantastic Spanish cuisine options.

Make your Spanish evening complete with a visit to the Gallery of Modern Art to see the ‘Portrait of Spain: Masterpieces from the Prado’ exhibit. Don’t forget to dress in your Spanish best. Think flamenco-inspired layers, lots of red and fun patterns.




A Morning in London

Saturday will start with a charming cycle around the river Bris-Thames. Remember to pack a gingham blanket in your basket. For a more authentic adventure, wear your best Union Jack colour schemes. Ra Ra has some great new 50s dresses in blue and red, which will definitely do the trick! Soak in the morning sun (don't forget your hat) and feast your eyes on the sparkling river views.

Our next stop will be brunch at London Express, Woolloongabba. Alternately, sample The London Club, Tenneriffe (whose menu options include the ‘Big Ben’ and the ‘London Pot’, which should be followed up, of course, with a milky cup of English Breakfast Tea). From London Express, you’re conveniently placed smack-bang in the centre of Woollongabba’s antique precinct, where you can browse the cutesy stores, filled with trinkets from the past. The cocktail bars in this little nook are fantastic, although it may be a little early for that just yet.

A Lunch in Italy

Like any great European trip, your days will be filled with copious amounts of food. Aren’t you glad I sent you on that bike ride now? This leg of the journey will also require you to don a chic waisted dress or skirt and neck-scarf a la Audrey Hepburn in ‘Roman Holiday’.

Let’s lunch at La Via, an alluring pizza restaurant in the heart of South Bank. They lay claim to “the best pizza in Brisbane”. To be frank, I’m not sure I can argue with that. Their ‘Margarita Classica’ pizza tastes just as it should, if I were sitting beside a canal in Venice.

I know you’re full, but we’ve got a fuller itinerary to get through, so get ready for dessert. While we’re in South Bank, we’ll do as the Romans would and help ourselves to a refreshing gelato from Geláre and a romantic stroll by the river. The Italians may have their Trevi, but we’ve got a man-made beach to throw coins at. On second thought, please don’t throw coins at the unsuspecting swimmers.

Turn that stroll into a brisk walk please. We’ve got many more countries to visit ...... so stay tuned for the next instalment of our European Vacation.

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