Escape Into The World Of Capes

The cape has been well-known throughout history and has always had a magical appeal to it. They first appeared in fairy tales where the prince would ride up on his horse with his cape flowing in the wind as he rescued his princess. Where's our prince charming?!

Eventually, women started to wear capes in fairy tales, much like Little Red Riding Hood. We love capes because they're a twist on the jacket or coat but have that flow to them and no sleeves. Capes are a fashion statement, and that is why we love them and are bringing them back!

Audrey Hepburn and many others wore colorful capes during the 1960s. Today, many celebrities are wearing them again including Emma Stone, Alexa Chung, and Emma Watson. They know how to keep warm during the chilly winter months while staying style while doing it! 

With all of this talk about capes, we decided to find the cutest ones for your inspiration. Read on to find what would make your new cape look best!

Emma Stone, Alexa Chung, and Emma Watson showing their winter capes in style whether it is on the red carpet or for just a day out and about!

In Into The Woods Little Red Riding Hood loves her cape so much, she will not let the baker try to steal it from her! We would feel the same way if someone tried to steal our  new cape too!

Audrey loves her patterns. This 1950s look is perfect for keeping warm in the chilly winters! 

Loving the modern take the cape. 

What's better than plaid? Quite possibly nothing!

If you are as inspired as we are (which we sure hope so), make sure to check out our very own handmade capes that are made out of recycled blankets!

 Our capes feature a hood for a little something extra and to keep you warm.

This cape makes us want to let our hair down and blow in the wind.

Our capes feature the pom pom tassel to secure your cape. We wouldn't want any bakers trying to come steal your cape like in Little Red Riding Hood, right?

Pair your cape with a vintage denim skirt and a black top for an every day look. This will be sure to make your cape pop! 

Or pair your cape with a cute dress and pom pom earrings for a more elegant look!

We hope your fairy tale dreams of capes have a happy ending! 


July 12, 2015 at 12:22

oh my gosh!! I am loving all of these capes. Way too cute! ? I’m overdue to pop in for a little shopping spree… X

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