Fashions Best Left in the Past

When we look back at eras gone by we often do so with rose-tinted glasses, especially in regards to fashion. It's easy to think of the 60s as the time when traditions were broken by hippies and mods and the 70s as this beautiful bohemian capsule of time. While the 80s were the wild day when colour and print ruled. That's because the fashions we see from these decades are a 'best of' mix and the more unfortunate looks are often left in the past. But where is the fun in that?! Take a look at some of these shockers and take comfort in the fact that even the most stylish of generations put a foot (or jacket) wrong every now and then.

The Sixties


The Seventies

The Eighties

But, looking over these pics, there is part of me that kind of loves the outfits. What do you think?


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