Festival fashion inspired by Monetary!


I’m sitting in my flat with the fan approximately five centimeters away from my face, wearing nothing but a t-shirt and my underwear …yes, Brisbaners, summer is here...

But what is great about summer is holidays and what’s great about holidays is a ridiculous amount of recreational activities. And one such activity that occurs in abundance over summer are music festivals!

Of course, I tend to abandon most fashion rules at festivals once the weather betrays me, which, it almost always does. But at least I can put something fun together at the beginning, no matter how tragic I end up looking by the end, whether it be due to the coarse sun or a violent downpour…Woodstock certainly looked like a blast, and I would do many unspeakable acts to travel back in time for those three days of peace...but mudslides are really overrated. I've ruined too many pairs of cute shoes!



This is basically my go-to formula for a festival. Cute, casual dress, sunnies, hat and lace-up shoes. It's simple, practical and depending on what you choose, fashionable. Okay, maybe not quite as practical as those people with raincoats, gumboots and wearing flannel shirts, but this is about as far as I'll go in terms of sacrificing fashion for practicality.

My most recent festival was only a few Sundays ago- inspiring this post. Harvest, which, after attending last year has quickly become one of my favourite music festivals, if not my favourite one-day festival.

73856_10151123690147592_838259398_n-448x600-1This was me at the beginning of the day- let me assure you, it did not end this way. Again, the same formula applies; cute dress, lace-ups, fun socks, hat and sunnies. I was dubbed the 'white' Dorothy.

Once again, however, by the end of the night my sparkly shoes became brown shoes...

The best inspiration for festival fashion is where it all began- back in the sixties with Monetary Pop Festival. That's the clean, fashionable, but comfortable kind of look with a touch of the hippy vibe that Woodstock took to extremes. That's what I think everyone should aim for!







What on earth happened to festival fashion? I'd take dirty hippies any day over... bum flashing horrifically tanned monsters are infesting the bulk of today's music festivals....

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