Five Spirit Lifting Classics!

Christmas is in the air, Christmas is everywhere!!

It is officially LESS THAN ONE WEEK until the 5am wake up to see what the big guy has spoiled you with this year! This is when the town is crazy with Christmas and everyone is preparing to make the day the best they can for all their special loved ones. It is important too Superstars, to unwind after those last long days of work, busy catch up’s over the Christmas break or even just the load of excessive crazy Christmas shopping!

Pick up some friends or maybe just your favourite snack and flick on one of your favourite, most heart-warming, spirit-lifting Christmas film’s. Ra Ra has some favourites we want to share with you Superstars. No matter how many times you watch them - Christmas is always a perfect excuse to pull them out again! What’s your favourite film?

1. ELF

This is an all time favourite secular Christmas comedy!

Buddy played by the hilarious Will Ferrell proves that all you need is a good comedic actor and a good story to make this hilarious, feel-good film. The film really defines the act of giving and the true meaning of Christmas. 

2. Rise of the Guardians 

Christmas calls for a good, inspirational children’s film and this time of year it is totally acceptable to pull them about and get lost in them!

Rise of the Guardians defiantly deserves a spot in that busy schedule of yours. Immortal Guardians team up to protect innocent children all over the world after reassuring Jack Frost that children do still hold a place in their heart for him. 

3. The Santa Clause

An ‘Oldie but a goodie’ is always necessary in the line of Christmas films and The Santa Clause is ideally one of the best! Scott Calvin a divorcee is disgusted to learn his six-year-old son does not believe in Santa. Determined to keep his sons sprits high, Scott finds himself dropping gifts through chimneys and taking over the North Pole whilst having to explain to his family that it is the consumption of junk food that is resulting in that well-known Santa belly.

This movie is a feel-good comedy classic that will touch your heart and leave you in hysterics.

4. Love Actually 

How can we miss a Romanic comedy!
The film is jammed with warmth and laughs and of course themed with Billy Mack’s Christmas themed comeback “Love Is All Around.”

Several interrelated stories about happiness and Romanic love all within the five weeks preceding Christmas! 

5. How the Grinch Stole Christmas 

“The Who’s loved Christmas a lot. The Grinch who lived just North of Whoville, did not.”

Go no further than this absolute favourite written of course by Dr. Seuss. For anyone who has not seen this film we suggest that tonight is the night! The Grinch who has been rejected, as a child has always hated the citizen’s of Whoville and especially hates Christmas. However little Cindy Lou attempts to invite the Grinch resulting in a supreme scheme to ruin the holidays!

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